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The Dons – “Can’t Deny It” (Video)

by Miracle

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“Can’t Deny It” (listen/download)

Remember Critta? Readers were given a glimpse of the rapper via his video “In My Head” back in 2012. He’s been through the motions career wise since that time but things are starting to settle down and he’s beginning to make his way back into the music world. One of the ways he’s doing so is as one half of Hip-Hop duo The Dons. His partner in crime is Aaron Romero and the two are a part of the Heavy Empire Records family. Not too long ago, he shared one of their latest videos with the site called “Can’t Deny It.” Give it a glance below.

The single itself is fresh. It’s set to a down to earth production with smooth musical components. The hook is the highlight of the track. The delivery is slick and the lyrics are conventional. The verses are solid. Romero leads with the first verse and Critta steps up on the second. Both artists dish out distinguishable flows, creditable wordplay, and adequate rhymes. They make a very bold statement in regards to how they feel about their positions in the game. Overall, it’s worth taking advantage of the free download up above.

The video was shot here in Milwaukee. It is of a pretty straightforward nature. The viewer is essentially privy to the duo as they meander about an assortment of nondescript outdoor locations in the city. There are some seamless transitions at work that give the visuals an expert look. The flick ends with a little live action from the fellas. As a whole, it was a fair watch.

**My Two Cents: I like Critta a lot. He’s got an appealing flow as well as some pretty sharp bars. I’m glad that he decided to give music another shot. As far as The Dons go, I like the duo too. They have an offbeat element about them that just works. The song and the video were both up to par. I’d be curious to hear/see what else they crank out in the future. -MinM

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