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Dukalion – “Zero Gravity”

by Miracle

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“Zero Gravity” (listen/download)

It’s been about a year since the site introduced the Los Angeles homie Dukalion to readers via an extensive Q&A. He’s been putting in a lot of work since that time and it all boils down to the release of his upcoming EP, The Journey Of The Lost Ark. Which happens to drop tomorrow (1/30). To give his supporters a taste of what to expect, he released an early single dubbed “Zero Gravity.” The production here is relishable and was handled by Storm Watkins. The wholesome foundation, unwonted musical ingredients, upbeat tempo, and breezy vibe make for an optimal mix. The hook is intriguing. The delivery has a quirky melody to it. The lyrics are open-and-shut. The verses are fine. Dukalion serves up a personable flow, seasoned wordplay, and inventive rhymes. He does a proficient job of emulating the meaning of the phrase in the title. A few lines worth paying attention to are: “Super nova in the form of a star trooper. Hanging in a two-seater. Call the car Cooper. Me and my n—as hot box the loud. Double barrel shot guns. Call me Fox McCloud. (…) Mic killer to this Rap game. I’m a monster. F–k a record label. Let NASA be my sponsor. Neil Tyson, let ’em kick the album off with mantras. I don’t need an accomplice to accomplish bomb s–t. Just a compass on this conquest.” Those are some uniquely crafted bars right there. Overall, this song is a gem and a cool way to prepare for the pending EP.

**My Two Cents: This was a fun record. The production had a lot of pep to it and the content was unconventional. Dukalion really showed off his wordplay skills on this one with the various space/galaxy themed references. I thought it was a treat. Don’t forget, The Journey Of The Lost Ark drops tomorrow. So be sure to hit up that link at the beginning of the post and give the SAFS Crew member a like on Facebook so that you don’t miss out. -MinM

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RueThePoet January 29, 2014 - 12:56 pm

This Most Definately Is An Elite Emcee From Milwaukee Making His National Mark…. He Respects Hip Hop Through Action And Skills…. Looking Forward To Working With This Guy…
– RueThePoet


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