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David E. Beats – “TGIF (Thank God I’m Fly)”

by Miracle

(Photo By I AM PR Agency)


David E. Beats and The White House Band have been featured on my other sites before. As a refresher, The White House Band is a Brooklyn based group with David as the lead vocalist/rapper. Their sound is unique and has been dubbed “New Vogue.” “New Vogue” is a combination of: Rap, Hard Rock, and Blues. Currently, the band is in the midst of a new campaign to create a buzz for their new project. Part of that campaign is the popular new practice of creating a series where a new song is released every week. The series has been titled “White House Band Weekly” and it features: new original tracks, instrumentals, and remixes. The series kicked off in December with the track “TGIF (Thank God I’m Fly).” “TGIF” has received rave reviews and has even taken World Star Hip-Hop by storm with 15,000 plus hits. People don’t usually show a lot of love on WSHH, so that’s impressive. Beats’ purpose for “TGIF” was for listeners to have a good time and tap into their fun fly side. He states: “This song is for all people, of any race, creed, or culture, who believe that they are, without a doubt, “Fly”. Confidence and boldness are the only personality traits that fortune favors!” 

The production here is good and very unique. It has a strong solid bass, a variety of sound effects, and an intense vibe. The hook is quality too. Beats has a clean delivery and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are on point as well. Beats brings a mid-tempo sharp flow and heavy hitting rhymes. He definitely has no problem speaking his mind as he unleashes on the blog sites and brags on his accomplishments. Some standout lines include: “I’m 24 years old, I hold a bunch of notes. And its still f–k a blog, I got my fans on my own. Get my hands on some dope, some flowers I can smoke. And its CapCity Records off of everything I know. And its White House Band, Dave E Beats. Check the discography, I got my own street. I dont need a producer dawg, I got my own beats. And I swear to god its heat, a rack or two at least.” Somebody was feeling some kind of way, huh? Overall, this track is dope. Not sure about the fun part but the fly theme certainly has a strong presence throughout the cut. If readers liked the track and want more from Beats and The White House Band, they can check out the rest of the “White House Band Weekly” series via the band’s website. It includes a track called “Ghost” featuring the late Tupac and a remix of Birdman‘s “Always Strapped.”

**MyTwoCents: “Always Strapped” happens to be my favorite weekly track so far. Anyways, check out the music and drop a line or two in the comments section with your thoughts. -MinM

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