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(Photo By I AM PR Agency)


David E. Beats (The White House Band) has been setting the stage for his upcoming mixtape for a while now. He began a promotional series entitled “White House Band Weekly” back in December and has been going strong ever since. Recently, he took another move in creating buzz for the album by leaking it so that it could be reviewed before the big release date. The tape is entitled Renaissance and is hosted by Mick Boogie. So without further delay, let’s dive into some tracks. One of the tracks off of the project has already been featured. Check out the run down of “TGIF (Thank God I’m Fly)” here. Feedback for three additional cuts can be found after the jump.

(Photo By I AM PR Agency)


David E. Beats and The White House Band have been featured on my other sites before. As a refresher, The White House Band is a Brooklyn based group with David as the lead vocalist/rapper. Their sound is unique and has been dubbed “New Vogue.” “New Vogue” is a combination of: Rap, Hard Rock, and Blues. Currently, the band is in the midst of a new campaign to create a buzz for their new project. Part of that campaign is the popular new practice of creating a series where a new song is released every week. The series has been titled “White House Band Weekly” and it features: new original tracks, instrumentals, and remixes. The series kicked off in December with the track “TGIF (Thank God I’m Fly).” “TGIF” has received rave reviews and has even taken World Star Hip-Hop by storm with 15,000 plus hits. People don’t usually show a lot of love on WSHH, so that’s impressive. Beats’ purpose for “TGIF” was for listeners to have a good time and tap into their fun fly side. He states: “This song is for all people, of any race, creed, or culture, who believe that they are, without a doubt, “Fly”. Confidence and boldness are the only personality traits that fortune favors!”