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Meet New Female Rapper: Brianna Perry

by Miracle

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

On behalf of Atlantic Records’ Milwaukee representative Ivy Awino, readers meet Brianna Perry better known as Brianna The YRB (Young Rich Bandit). Brianna hails from Miami, Florida and is just 19 years old. But don’t let her young age fool you, she’s accomplished quite a bit. She’s the protegee of the infamous Missy Elliott, she’s collaborated with big named artists such as Trina, appeared on BET, shared the stage with rap greats like Lil Wayne, and has been featured in major publications like The Source. Not bad for someone not quite legal, huh? This past Christmas the Miami native dropped a new project called Face Off which is available via her site now. It features her smash single “Fly Kicks” and new single “Marilyn Monroe” which is currently available on iTunes. The mixtape also features guest appearances and samples from: Trina, J. Cole, Beyonce, and more. Plus, readers can check out one of Brianna’s freestyles after the jump. It’s her version of the legendary “N—as In Paris” joint by Kanye West and Jay Z.

If readers are feeling the video, she took on “Headlines” by Drake too. That one happens to be pretty dope. And this just in, the remix for her track “Marilyn Monroe” has dropped and features none other than Wale. Wale makes a great addition to the already hot track. He goes strong from start to finish but Brianna still shines too. Thanks to Miss Awino, readers can listen here: Brianna – “Marilyn Monroe” (Remix). Feeling Brianna? Then show her some love via her Twitter page and don’t forget to check out Face Off via the above provided link!

**My Two Cents: I think Brianna has some serious potential. She has a unique flow and her rhymes are pretty decent. Since she is so young, there is definitely room for her to grow and get even better though. But with her work ethic and budding industry relationships, I don’t think that will be too hard for her to do. She is off to a good start at paving her own lane. I’d love to keep up with her and see how she sounds a few years from now. On another note, show some love to Ivy too. She doesn’t just rep for Atlantic Records, she is a rising talented deejay as well. Peep her Facebook page here. -MinM

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