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Amerikas Addiction Presents: Blame It On The Drugs Contest

by Miracle

(Photo By Amerikas Addiction)

Blame It On The Drugs Contest Info

For those who don’t know, Amerikas Addiction is a Milwaukee duo that does a little bit of everything. They bring a unique brand of Rap to the game, they host popular parties/events, and they are bloggers who do very entertaining interviews. Not to mention they are just really cool dudes. Check out their website here and it will officially be on the blog roll if readers want to keep up with them in the future. Currently, the fellas are hosting a very cool contest entitled: “Blame It On The Drugs Contest.” Basically, they have opened up the second verse of their single by the same name for any: rappers, singers, and poets to provide some original content. Contestants can send them audio of their original second verse or video. The contest is open to people worldwide and will run until April 15, 2012. The winner will be decided on April 25, 2012. And the winner will receive some pretty great prizes too. Prizes include: $100 in cash, free clothing, a special guest appearance on the duo’s blog, and a free original beat from the fellas as well. Who doesn’t like extra money and free stuff? And for just a few minutes of time, those prizes are a pretty dope way to be compensated. So click the above provided link for the official details and get to work on those submissions. Make sure it’s something hot too. Amerikas Addiction makes great quality music, so do it justice. And for a sample of their music, check out a review of their project the Blame It On The Drugs EP here.

**My Two Cents: I’ve been lucky enough to network with the guys of Amerikas Addiction for a while now and they are good peeps. Definitely, some of the most down to earth rappers I’ve encountered in the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. They show lots of love and have a very high regard for their fans. So I can’t think of any better duo to connect with musically. Good luck to anyone who decides to enter! And in the words of Amerikas Addiction remember to always “Do What You Desire.” -MinM

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