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Tamba Tongue – “Neva Eva”

by Pooh Bailey

Neva-Eva(Photo Courtesy Of Sound Cloud)

Meet Tamba Tongue, a former college football player turned rapper. Hailing from Los Angeles by the way of the East Coast, the New York Film Academy alumni has a style similar to Tupac and Eminem. On his official website, Tamba recently released a track called “Neva Eva.” The song speaks about his past heartbreak and the emotions that he went through to try to get over a girl. Tamba then pledges to never fall in love again. And the track doesn’t sound like what the description gives away.

“Neva Eva” puts you in the mind of if Drake remade Meek Mill’s “Levels” and made it about a girl not returning his text. This is that aggressive ‘why you friend-zone me’ music. That ‘I’m not mad but I’m mad’ music. I like it. It seems that when rappers, nowadays, want to pour out their feelings, they do it over some sappy or soul sample instrumental. That is not the case here. With a production that sounds like a great theme song to slap a hater with, the aggressive beat matches the aggressive tone of the rapper. What I like about the lyrics is that it reminds me of if Eminem would have recorded “Kim” after he popped a Xanax. The only issue I see is that maybe if Tamba is this upset over a girl, the rest of his work may be even more hostile. This is a dope track to be introduced to Tamba Tongue with though. With the EP My Soul’s Playlist out now, lets hope he isn’t always as pissed off in his music as he seems on this track. – Pooh Bailey

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