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R.T.C. – The Animation 2 (Mixtape Review)

by Pooh Bailey

R.t.c. The Animation 2 (Mixtape Cover)(Photo By R.T.C)

Introducing R.T.C. aka Real Talk Calvin hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 26 year old (oldest of three), has been performing since the age of five. But it wasn’t until 2012 that R.T.C. released his debut solo project, The Animation. It didn’t do so well. After a two year break, R.T.C. went back to work in 2014 to begin creating The Animation 2. It was released earlier this year. With better reception this time around, R.T.C. is determined to win by all costs.

The Animation 2 is conventional. It takes on a braggadocio tone with hit & miss punchline filled lyrics. The Animation 2 is cool production wise but it is missing that element to truly put it over the edge. Lyrically this mixtape is adequate. It’s very noticeable that R.T.C. is relatively new to this. The tape is a bit lengthy with a lot of filler type tracks. Also, R.T.C. doesn’t really have any sort of definitive style to his Rap persona. Even poor lyrics can sound like pure gold if you deliver them right. At times, this mixtape just sounds like he’s reading from his notepad over an instrumental. A strong team and the proper guidance can help to remedy all of these things though. I will say that he does have a lot of potential. If or when he gets the proper set-up, his next project will be something to look forward to.

So is The Animation 2 worth your bandwidth? It’s a toss up. Yes, if you are in need of some new music purely for entertainment purposes. Maybe not, if you are more so into complex lyrics, deep meanings, etc. R.T.C. is still fresh to this, so of course he’s going to have some growing to do. However, once he understands how to stand out without losing himself, he could very well be a top tier artist in the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. So here’s to hoping for the best. – Pooh Bailey

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