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When Hip-Hop Meets Fashion: Introducing Armonie Man Apparel (Q&A)

by Miracle

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Milwaukee based talent Armonie Man has taken his career to new heights. He was doing his thing as an artist but stepped into the merchandising world not too long ago and took off like a rocket. His Armonie Man Apparel line is a sleek urban brand that far surpasses just slapping a logo or image on a t-shirt. It’s garnering him recognition all over the globe and has even caught the eye of a big name or two in the entertainment industry.  So before he starts getting whisked off to fashion weeks in New York and Paris, The Illixer caught up with him to learn more about his booming fashion enterprise. Take a peek at the Q&A after the break.

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The Illixer: What is your definition of fashion?

Armonie Man: Fashion to me is popular trends regarding the way we dress in our everyday life.

TI: What motivated you to get into the fashion business?

AM: What motivated me most was my desire to have something that represents me as an artist and what I stand for in life.

TI: What is the inspiration behind the design and style of your fashion line?

AM: Unity & prosperity represents the inspiration behind my apparel line.

TI: Who is your target audience for your apparel?

AM: Everyone from kids to men and women. It’s a comfortable urban fashion line. Fashion is a highly competitive industry.

TI: What measures are you taking to ensure that your brand stands out from the competition?

AM: Quality, professionalism, and most of all diversity. I’m promoting my brand in a completely different light as a lifestyle in which it is.

TI: Share a fashion designer that has influenced you or that you admire and explain why you chose them.

AM: Ralph Lauren is a big influence on me and the vision I have for my company. I chose him because I admire his work ethic and marketing plan to expand to the heights that he has throughout the years.

TI: Describe some of your future goals for your apparel line.

AM: Some of my future goals are: to get my clothes in stores worldwide, open up a successful store front, and keep a smile on my consumers’ faces and continue to make clothes and more items that they all love.

TI: How do you feel that your career as a Hip-Hop artist relates to your career in the fashion world?

AM: It relates big time because as an artist my intentions aren’t about only making dollars. They’re about making a difference in the world which is a big impact on what influences everything behind what my clothing line truly represents which is unity and prosperity.

TI: If you had to make a choice between fashion and music, which one would you ultimately choose and why?

AM: That’s a very good question. I love fashion but music is my life. It’s the source that allows me to reach the masses by speaking on how I feel without being judged while delivering important messages that are vital to our youth. Mainstream artists are always endorsing their favorite clothing brands in some way, shape, or form.

TI: Who are some well-known names that you would like to see rocking your clothing?

AM: I would like to see: J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and a whole lot more rocking my clothing line.

TI: If you could give other artists some words of wisdom in regards to starting their own apparel company, what would they be?

AM: I’d say stay motivated, disciplined, consistent, and dedicated in order to keep everything productive and efficiently running smoothly.

**My Two Cents: I have to say that I am very impressed with Armonie Man and his apparel company. He took the time to ensure that he would be putting out something unique and he has invested a lot in his brand. Not just financially but emotionally as well. Which is evident if you ever get the opportunity to engage with him about the clothing line. I think he is going to go very far in the fashion world and I am happy to be able to witness his journey. If readers enjoyed the Q&A along with the previews of the clothing, they can see more and/or purchase items for their wardrobes here. -MinM

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