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Emmitt James – Hunger Pains (EP Review)

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Taylor Quade)

Since we last heard from him, the uncustomary Emmitt James has settled quite nicely into his new life on the West Coast. Additionally, he made the unexpected yet dope move to sign with the infamous House Of Renji imprint. To bring it all full circle, he released a fresh EP a little while back entitled Hunger Pains. It consists of seven songs total and sees him teaming up with the likes of: Genesis Renji, Klassik, and a few others. See which records satisfy the site’s craving for dope tunes after the break.


This record is produced by Weekend Neely. The track opens with a clip from an old school style commercial centered around the breakfast item mentioned in the title. From there, the production kicks in. The production is intriguing. The low-pitched foundation, peculiar secondary elements, passive tempo, and somber vibe make for an unique combination. The hook is short, simple, & sweet. The delivery is clear cut and the lyrics are easy to remember. The verses are concise. Emmitt James dishes up a conversational style flow, solid wordplay, and familiar rhymes. He does a really nice job of presenting the scenario of being up at night with that special someone on your mind. A highlight from his pondering includes: “Now I can sit here and act like everything’s fine. Or I could swallow my pride and work up the nerve and call you tonight. I’d rather text you instead. It’s a decent time here but you two hours ahead. I bet you in bed wearing my cardigan. There I go, there I go breaking your heart again.” Those are some true to life lines right there. As a whole, this is a favorable selection.

“Hell Of A Night”

The production here is once again of an out of the box nature. The steady base, eclectic background components, quirky rhythm, and festive vibe make for a likable pairing. The hook is diverting. The delivery is spirited and the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are inventive. Emmitt James continues to utilize a lively flow and adds consistent wordplay along with carefree rhymes to the mix. He certainly did not lose his sense of fun when relocating to the West Coast. Observe as he spits: “She waved at the widows at the bar and asked me who is them. I told her call me P. Diddy. I’m making a band. I think I’m more into art than I’m into girls. But I’m still into girls who are into art. Mama proud her son just got his Bachelor’s. Sad part is I’ll probably die a bachelor in a loft with a Benz outside.” Those are some pleasing opening bars right there. Overall, this is a refreshing tune.

“Left Over Burnt Rice”

The production here is quality. It is comprised of: a hushed infrastructure, flattering musical ingredients, a leisurely pace, and a mellow vibe. The hook happens to be sampled vocals. The vocals come from a song coined “Day One” by artist Toro y Moi. The clip aligns wonderfully with the rest of the record. The verses are satisfactory. Emmitt James serves up a laid back flow, honest wordplay, and heartfelt rhymes. He takes the listener through the emotional struggles of missing an ex in a manner that is sure to hit close to home. An excerpt from his ordeal is as follows: “I still want the best for you honestly. But we hardly talking. So I’m wishing for it quietly. Used to want a lot of things. I know. But being trapped is not one of ’em. Sometimes you gotta love people enough to let go of ’em. Life is but a plate of sushi. You just gotta roll with it. My exes are like bill collectors, never on the phone with ’em. Right? I mean until I start to miss ’em. But it’s gone take more than this EP to forget ’em.” One has to appreciate the vulnerability being displayed within those words right there. All in all, this is a touching number and the site favorite off of the project.

**My Two Cents: Hunger Pains is a rather enjoyable EP. I love the play on the food theme. It’s a good example of creativity. Also, the production is versatile and keeps the ear attentive from beginning to end. And Emmitt James supplies some pretty worthwhile content. He gives the listener his signature one of a kind style while at the same time putting things into a perspective that everyone can connect to. I believe anyone who listens to the project will come away nice and full for sure. So go ahead and give it a try. -MinM

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