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Sean Smart F/ Mike Regal – “Irrationale”

by Miracle

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Striking Milwaukee Hip-Hop artist Sean Smart has undergone a slight career change since he was last featured on the site. He’s decided to go solo and is currently hard at work on his first official individual release. It is slated to be a self-titled mixtape and will hopefully hit the airwaves sometime this coming Fall. The first single off of the project debuted on DJBooth.net yesterday (8/19). It is dubbed “Irrationale” and it features another well known 414 name, Mike Regal. CAMEone serves as the producer of the record.

The production here is of a superior quality. The thumping bass-line, savvy supporting details, infectious rhythm, and turn up vibe are a match made in auditory heaven. The hook is winning as well. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are the type that linger long after the song is done playing. The verses are kosher. Sean Smart takes charge on the first half of the single and Mike Regal makes his presence felt on the second half. The duo come with vigorous flows, quick wordplay, and mint rhymes. They undoubtedly embody characteristics associated with the phrase referenced in the title. A few noteworthy lines from Sean Smart include: “I’m a milk the game until we all get rich … filthy. Got hella ink in my silk screen. I’m a dope dealer and a dope fiend. So fresh and so clean. Ugh, Ms. Jackson. Y’all better be ready for this action. I came in the game with a passion. Now I gotta get a grip on this accent. Like ‘Ello mate.’ I’m a make you bounce like a jello plate.” The abstract nature of those bars right there is super dope. As a whole, this is an awesome fresh start for the East Side talent.
**My Two Cents: I’ve always been a fan of Sean Smart and his out of the box approach to music. So I am glad that he rose above the issues and decided to keep going forward in music on his own. This single serves as proof that he still has that special it factor and can knock out any beat with his zany persona. Mike Regal did a nice job on the feature too. Good reminder that he does more than just slay production. I heard that there may be a video for this coming soon. That’s exciting. Until it drops, give the single a few dozen spins. You will not be disappointed. -MinM

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