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KiDDD – “Roots” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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Growth & change seem to be common themes with a lot of artists as of late. And that is never a bad thing. KiDDD (Formerly MC New Kid) is among the previously featured talents who is doing things a little differently since his last appearance on the site. Besides the name change, he’s come under new management as well. He’s now rocking with ghostFire Ent. The imprint is ran by an individual who we know here on the site as Monk-bms. And what would new developments be without fresh tunes to top them off. KiDDD is currently hard at work on an upcoming project entitled Hidden & Gifted. While he perfects the effort, he is pushing a song/video that dropped earlier this month called “Roots.”

“Roots” is produced by Storm Watkins. The production is refreshing. The smooth foundation, soulful background components, groovy mid-tempo pace, and grounded vibe make for an inviting blend. There is no typical style hook on this record. But with the structure of the piece, the listener is sure not to mind the absence. The verses are on point. KiDDD exhibits an impeccable flow, artful wordplay, and sterling rhymes. He expertly conducts himself as someone who is rooted in Hip-Hop for sure. All in all, this single makes for a classic listen.

The visuals are handled by Monk. He took a modest route with the theme as the piece basically just tags along with KiDDD as he is out and about. There are a lot of cool shots of the different environments co-existing with the 414 talent as he does his thing. For example, he winds up in a skate park. There are some neat glimpses of the skaters getting it in as KiDDD chills in the midst of them rhyming. Another clever thing about the video is the diverse group of people who make cameo appearances in some way, shape, or form. It’s always great to see individuals from different walks of life bonding through music. The piece ends with a nice little montage of shots before fading out to promo & end credits. As a whole, the vision is a noteworthy compliment to the track.

**My Two Cents: I like this union between KiDDD and ghostFire Ent. The video is professionally done and it works well with the song. The single is not to be slept on either though. Storm Watkins seriously nails the production and I really dig what KiDDD brings to the content. He gives substance with a little bit of personality which is one of the things I mentioned would help improve his music when he was last featured on the site. Looking forward to discovering what else he’s cooking up in this new phase of his career. The Illixer will definitely be tuned in. -MinM

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