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MKE Center Stage (Fourth Edition)

by Miracle

Illixer414(Photo By Trill GFX)

Nafrini – “All Day”

Milwaukee model/actress Natasha Nafrini has linked up with LTMG to reacquaint herself with her musical talents. She’s been lightly flexing her vocal skills here & there but recently took things to another level when she unveiled her rapping abilities. She took on “All Day” by the infamous Kanye West. She stuck to the original beat and hook, adding her own flavor to the verses. She gives it a gritty pretty girl anthem type of vibe. It’s a dope rendition of the track. She teamed up with 40Mil  to bring the selection to life on the visual tip. The result is a simple yet complimentary piece to the already fly tune. Check it out above.

Genesis Renji F/ Streetz – “The Roof”

Keeping his fans on their toes, Genesis Renji took a quick surprise trip back home to the 414 not too long ago. His purpose was to link up with fellow artist Streetz to bring their collaboration “The Roof” to the small screen. The single is set to a chic yet urban style production courtesy of Flywalker. The content is crisply & colorfully delivered by the duo. And the hook is certainly one to be kept on repeat. The pair tapped Von Harris (Von Harris Productions) to put together their flick. They basically took it to the hood and proved that high quality music can bring people together for a good time. Definitely one of the hottest collabs out right now. Peep it above.

Damir Balo -“3:18 AM Interlude”

Damir Balo is another indie persona that has been flooding his supporters with new tunes. He’s dropped both solo joints and collaborations and they all are pretty decent. One of his latest singles making noise is entitled “3:18 AM Interlude.” The production is on the mellow side with serious supporting elements and a laid back vibe. There is no hook per say as this is just a short piece to keep Balo’s momentum going. The continuous verse is legit. Damir Balo laces the beat with a raspy style flow, solid wordplay, and up to par rhymes. He gives the listener a nice little chill interval to zone out to.

Cezar – “Weight”

Cezar (CCM) has had a good consistent year so far since making his return back in June. Today, he continued his streak with the official release of his project Free Dope. It is currently available for previewing & downloading purposes via Dat Piff. The lead single off of the project is a track coined “Weight.” Ado The God serves as the producer of the cut. The beat here definitely lives up to the title with a healthy bass paired with discreet background components and an all businesslike vibe. The hook is magnetic and the content is refreshing. Cez brandishes a diverse flow while spitting the heat that he’s become known for. The record gives a nice example of what to expect from the Free Dope tape and will have listeners curious about the rest of the collective for sure. So go ahead and take a listen.

Much love to all of these artists for doing their thing and keeping us entertained during these hot Summer days. I look forward to continuing to follow them in the future and can’t wait to see/hear what they do next. It was a real treat to feature them on the fourth installment of MKE Center Stage. -MinM

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