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Strange Tang – “Know My Name” (Video)

by Miracle


(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Know My Name” (listen/download)

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The fellas of Strange Tang recently reached out to the site with a link to their latest video. It’s for the previously reviewed tune “Know My Name” off of their current project StrangeLand. The uplifting single and it’s refreshing message about living life your own way despite any type of opposition still manages to leave a very positive impression on the listener. See how the duo captured the motivational theme of the record for the small screen below.

The video is a product of T J C Films. The concept for the visual is pretty effortless to follow. It essentially features the pair in a breathtaking outdoor setting. They are surrounded by: an enticing sandy shore, lush greenery, and striking blue water. There are also some brightly colored graffiti walls in the mix. The group brings a peppy carefree energy to their performance which adds a feel good layer to the piece. Additionally, there is some clever split screen action going on along with a few snazzy transitions. The flick winds down with simple individual shots of Obliq and Price peacefully soaking up some sun. All in all, this was an enchanting watch.

**My Two Cents: This video goes hand in hand with the song it represents. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The execution was spot on and the overall vibe was seriously attractive. I love the charisma that Strange Tang always seems to bring to their work. They are easily one of my favorite non-local acts. Be sure to check them out further via Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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