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#StaticHasSpoken12: The Creativity Edition aka “Whatever the hell Kanye was doing at The Grammys …”

by Miracle

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Mad Static Tumblr

**Editor’s Note: Site affiliate Mad Static is known for his outspoken and edgy nature. He primarily releases it through song. But occasionally he drops a rant, vent session, blog, or whatever you want to call it under his trademark #StaticHasSpoken hashtag as well. For those open minded enough to handle them, they make for great reads. So when he offered to share one with The Illixer, I didn’t hesitate to accept. So enjoy his Kanye inspired guest piece and for more of his musings hit up the above Tumblr link. -MinM

This was originally going to be a piece where I would give my two cents to the Roundtable’s response on Kanye West’s latest single, “Only One” with Sir Paul McCartney. This was originally going to place me as the opposition to Pooh Bailey’s thoughts, giving a different perspective on how one might portray this song. This was originally going to be me, coming to defense of the track, especially after the performance of “Only One” at this year’s Grammy Awards ….. and then Beck won Album of the Year …. and Kanye had to “say” something ….. and everything changed.

Why am I at all surprised by these antics? After all, you would think anything (post-Taylor Swift) Kanye says or does towards anyone other than himself [okay, maybe himself a little …. OKAY A LOT!!] is nothing out of the ordinary. Mr. West is many things, but at his very core, he is a 100 percent, grade A, money-back-guaranteed, bonafide narcissist. It is that very same narcissism that has crafted a confident effort in The College Dropout, a game-changer in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, as well as missteps such as 808s & Heartbreak and Yeezus. When you see yourself as the best and others view that greatness in a similar fashion, it is easy to come out on grand stages and subliminally or directly say to the world, “I DESERVE THIS SHIT!!!” It is those things that makes Kanye see that greatness in an artist and performer such as Beyonce Knowles, to where he has to come to the rescue when she is being shafted. Such thing happened with Taylor … and history is repeating itself with Beck.

I’m not the biggest fan of Beck’s Morning Phase album, but then again … I wasn’t that much a fan of any of the albums nominated for the Grammy’s most renowned prize. Despite all of this, is that not what makes music so great, the fact that it is subjective to opinion? You can say anything you want and no one really has the right to tell you otherwise. The knowing of such, is why people such as Mr. West will have to eventually understand, that at an event such as the Grammys …. his opinion truly does not matter. Whether Kanye truly believes in his heart that there is more creativity throughout Beyonce than there was in Morning Phase that it is really just up to opinion or it depends on whatever his definition of “creativity” is.

This goes back to the word “creativity.” Now what I believe, is that if you are an artist of some sorts, whether you do music, or you paint, or you dance, any and everyone’s creativity is different. The paths one takes in order to obtain that are not one in the same. Beck is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Beyonce has a TEAM of songwriters, producers and multi-instrumentalists. Beck and Beyonce both walk the same road of creativity, the difference however, is that one continues straight and the other turns the corner.

The artists and albums in question, as well as the legitimacy of their respective processes are determined primarily by you and only you, or in this case, the voting committee behind the Grammy Awards. I can only advise that you not take Yeezus so seriously this time around, nor should we at all be let down immensely by the winners of this year’s Hip Hop/R&B categories. Eminem, Pharrell, and Kendrick Lamar each took home two Grammys. Ironically, Beyonce won a Grammy for “Drunk In Love,” Iggy Azalea …. won NOTHING! Which means J. Cole can breathe and everything for the time being, seems to be somewhat on balance in this world. As far as Kanye is concerned, there is nothing wrong with playing favorites to your peers and your inner circle, but when you downplay other artists’ creativity for the sake of righting a wrong that only YOU AND YOURSELF sees, your vision shifts from a circle into an oval. You are practically closing your mind to whatever else others may pay attention to. If no one agrees to whom you view as “creative,” then you will feel the need to address your claim, without any evidence. You end up screaming “WE AIN’T HAVIN’ IT NO MORE!!!” at the top of your lungs, as if I’m expressing it IN CAPS LOCK!!! ….. When the dust settles, you will have to come to terms that you have become ….. an elitist. #statichasspoken

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