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“Started From The Bottom” R&B Remixes (Video)

by Miracle

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As with any song Drake song, his hit “Started From The Bottom” has inspired his fellow artists to crank out quite a few remixes. And while the rappers are doing their thing, it’s the R&B singers who are stealing the show with their covers. Two in particular caught the site’s attention. One is by Taylor Mallory of Level Next Music. The other is by another talented Canadian, R&B diva Melanie Fiona. Readers can take a glance at both below.


The element that makes each rendition of the song stand out is the fact that the singers not only made the track their own but they added their own flair to the beat as well. At the beginning of each visual, each artist can be seen going through a myriad of what appears to be random motions and sounds. However, once they get into the actual performance, it is revealed that they were actually recording a modified version of the beat. It’s a very innovative tactic. Taylor’s version is up first. He took a laid back approach to the cut. His vocals were precise and passionate. He had a nice smooth groove going on. He definitely did his thing. Melanie’s version is the second video. She got a little more swagged out with her cover, putting her Toronto pride on full blast. Her vocals were dead on and she brought a ton of personality to the table. She too killed her remix. All in all, both versions of the track were super dope.

**My Two Cents: I am a big fan of both Taylor Mallory and Melanie Fiona. So it’s always a pleasure to be able to share their work. This time was no different. I am not a fan of the original song but these two breathed a new life into the single. I think Drake would approve for sure. For more with Taylor Mallory, readers can check out the Level Next Music site or hit him up on Twitter. For more with the lovely Melanie Fiona, her website can be found here and she is also on Twitter. -MinM

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