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Remedy Da Kure – MEDS (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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MEDS (listen/download)

Remedy Da Kure is a female emcee who has been featured on the site a time or two before. But since those posts have consisted mainly of collaborations, figured it was time to give her a bit of individual shine. The young artist is known for her one of a kind personal style, outgoing personality, and forward rhymes. She came to The Illixer‘s attention last year via some work she did with fellow emcee Kia Rap Princess and she’s been one to watch ever since. The following will take a look at her debut mixtape MEDS which was done in collaboration with producer / videographer 40Mil.


This track sets the tone for the entire tape as it is the very first song. The production here is hot. It consists of a mid-tempo pace, smooth musical components, and a nonchalant vibe. No hook is used on this cut. The content is of five star quality. Remedy utilizes a refined flow, grade A wordplay, and immaculate rhymes. She exhibits her prowess for spitting in a collected yet impressive fashion. Notable lines include: “F–k the police. Turn them greedy pigs to bacon. American Idols, I’m your Clay Aiken. You know I speak the truth that’ll have yo a** shaking. Drop another banging song that’ll have yo a** shaking. That ain’t what I live for. But that just makes the payments. You just want to hear the money. Not the problems that are laden.” Insane bars right there and the word choice is pretty fierce too. Overall, this song is a banger and one of the best on the tape. Ideal selection to start things off with.

“1999” F/ Frank Nitti

This song was chosen for review due to its extremely different nature. The production here is free spirited. It is concocted of: a light foundation, upbeat tempo, infectious rhythm, and fun filled vibe. Comes off as more of a Pop style track than a Hip-Hop one. The hook is charismatic. The mixture of vocals & delivery is enjoyable. The lyrics are simple yet attractive. The verses are suitable. Remedy shows off her versatility by switching things up between singing and rapping. She handles both successfully with graceful vocals and a good-natured flow. Her content is on the ball as well. Frank Nitti does his thing too. He comes in towards the end of the track. He exhibits an easy going flow, care free wordplay, and entertaining rhymes. Remedy & Frank have a sure fire party anthem on their hands with this one. A handful of lines worth mentioning from Remedy are: “It can’t be a party ’til we step right in it. We gone start this party like we got no business. We ain’t gonna stop. Tonight we getting bopped. We party round the clock. You know it’s getting hot, hot, hot! Sipping on Bacardi. Couple bad b–ches. So you know we getting naughty. Smoking with Bob. So you know we getting Marley. Skate park swag. So you know we getting gnarly.” Nice solid bars with a recreational tone to them. All in all, this was a festive offering.

“Ordinary People”

The production here is complimentary. The various uncustomary musical ingredients blend together finely and create a refreshing vibe. The hook is winning, The first half is done in vocals and the second half is rapped. Both mediums sound great and the lyrics get a thumbs up too. The verses are kosher. Remedy presents a casual flow and satisfactory rhymes. She does an admirable job of shedding a little bit of light on who she is and how she gets down. She spits: “N—as trying to rock my swag. Looking off season. Paparazzi all around. Catch a boss breathing. Pull up to ya girl house and catch a boss leaving. That’s what you get for talking s–t. Now we all even. I’m a real n—a. Catch me in my pjs. Rappers only murder beats. I f–king kill the DJ.” So much character being put forth in those bars. In the end, this was a gratifying number.

**My Two Cents: I thought Remedy had talent before but after listening to MEDS, I have to say she is super nice with her mic game. The mixtape definitely solidified me as a fan. The content was consistent and the production was meritable too. She for sure deserves a top spot amongst the female emcees in the city. But please take some time out and listen to MEDS on your own. I say it’s a 4/5 but your ears may say different. Readers can find Remedy on the web here. -MinM

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