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Ryan Serene – “Feast Or Famine”

by Miracle

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“Feast Or Famine” (listen/download)

Shock Therapy (iTunes)

Chicago rapper Ryan Serene has hooked the site up with another single. This one is a solo effort titled, “Feast Or Famine.” The production here is good. The beat consists of a dominant bass, emphatic secondary elements, and a high energy vibe. The hook is brief yet forceful. The delivery is charged and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are respectable. Ryan serves up a vehement flow, pointed wordplay, and brash rhymes. His goal with this record was to send a message to anyone who may try to hate on or challenge him. And he did exactly that. A few lines of interest are: “Better protect ya assets. I’m after the masses. I got ’em looking like they seen a mothaf–king ghost. On they knees praying to the gods. Holding on to hope. Whoa. Ain’t no turning back now. Haters need to pipe down. Talking bout a lifestyle that ain’t life right now. Talking bout the crime. You a mothaf–king liar. Even Helen Keller could see all these dick riders. Since I’m talking reckless, keep rapping bout ya necklace. Then ask one of my exes how many karats theirs is. On to the next one. Scared money don’t make none.” Ryan definitely got his point across loud and clear. All in all, this was a winning track.

**My Two Cents: So this single is said to be a step outside of Ryan’s usual style. It was a bit more turned up in nature. But I really liked it. He came out swinging and landing solid punches, so to speak. If readers want to hear more of Ryan’s music, his latest project Shock Therapy can be previewed/purchased over at iTunes. And Ryan himself can be found online in the Twitterverse. -MinM

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