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Vince Nantes – “Love Jones”

by Miracle

Love_Jones_Cover_v.2(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Love Jones” (listen/download)

Vince Nantes is a rising R&B singer / songwriter from Chicago, IL. He’s known for his great confidence and charisma. Especially, when he’s on stage. His goal with his music is to break the “mold” in the industry by delivering high quality tunes that let people know that he can hold his own against the best of them. Additionally, he wants the world to see that there is more to the Chicago music scene than just Hip-Hop. With his unrelenting drive, passion, and work ethic; he seems to be well equipped to accomplish his goals and more. Recently, he dropped a Spring time anthem on the site called, “Love Jones.” It was produced by the Urban Legendz out of St. Louis. The song’s theme is a light hearted approach to addressing members of the female population. The production here is desirable. It is made up of effervescent musical components, fine instrumentation, and a jovial vibe. The hook is delightful as well. The vocals are in perfect harmony and the lyrics are becoming. The verses are of grade A quality. Vince exudes smooth easy on the ears vocals with sincere enamoring content. He does an outstanding job of making a play for a lady who captures his attention. A handful of notable lines are: “I can slow it down if you really need me to. Kick back and relax and we can set the mood. Sipping slow, got this on replay. Teddy Pendergrass as we pop the champagne. She likes it. Excited and she just might spend the night. I like it, can’t hide it. Bubble baths and candlelight. Play this Luther. Show you I can get right. R. Kelly, 12 Play all night.” Those words paint an ideal evening that would appeal to any woman. In the end, this was a  supreme offering.

**My Two Cents: Vince Nantes has a wonderful voice. I’m really digging his style. With that said, this track was a hit. The Urban Legendz killed the production and Vince knocked the hook and verses out of the park. Vince made a noble first impression and I’m hoping he decides to share more of his music with The Illixer. Until then readers can check out his website. -MinM

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