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Spotlight On The Women Of Hip-Hop: Razakel

by Miracle
The First Lady of SKR

The First Lady of SKR

**Note: Spotlight On The Women Of Hip-Hop is a new category to the site that will specifically focus on females in the industry who are doing their thing. Hip-Hop is a male dominated world and the ladies tend to get overlooked from time to time. So the site wanted to do something to show them that their talents and efforts are indeed being recognized.

In the modern incarnation of Hip-Hop, the female emcee is often portrayed as a sex symbol or money hungry controlling sex kitten to be more accurate. Tonight we turn the spotlight on a woman artist that has smashed all these boundaries and established a truly unique and profitable brand. Her name is Razakel. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Raz has been recording a style of Hip-Hop that truly fits this independent dynamo, Horror Hop.

The beats and lyrical styles vary up with the mode that this artist is in from straight lyrical chopper hits to melodic strings fused with Industrial and Heavy Metal guitars blended with booming bass. Listed as the official graphic designer for Serial Killin Records, she truly keeps herself busy and in touch with the Hip-Hop community. She recently was on a tour that was perfectly titled, THE CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE TOUR, with fellow label mate SickTanick and Dark Half from the independent record label, Lyrikal Snuff Productions based out of Denver, Colorado. A few tracks that really stick out amongst her library of diversity are: “No Muzzle,” “Bite Me,” and “Watch Out.” Now Razakel’s music isn’t for everyone and before people start throwing negative statements in the comments below, you have to remember that SKR is turning a profit. That’s right haters, Razakel is a truly working artist receiving royalties from not only song sales but from a full line of branded merchandise available for sale. We here at The Illixer support all forms of Hip-Hop related arts and artists and look forward to turning the spotlight on more brave, talented, and intelligent women in this game we call Hip-Hop!

My 2 Cents: I grew up as a Juggalo and have heard a lot rappers that have yet to make a unique brand of themselves. SKR and LSP have definitely made a huge impression in this multi-million dollar industry and established themselves in their own right. You just can’t argue with the sales and the yearly tours across the country. A lot of people hate on this sub-genre and I personally am a fan, but even if you don’t like the music, you just can’t hate on the hustle. Keep up the good work. Whoop Whoop! ~Biggz

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