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D’Alexander – “Tryna Get Mine” (Video)

by Miracle

tgm single art FACE rgb copy(Photo By D’Alexander)

Florida talent D’Alexander hit the site with another submission not too long ago. For his second feature, he sent over the visuals to his winning single “Tryna Get Mine.” If readers missed it, they can read all about the record here via his debut post. The video spans a little over three minutes and is just as savvy and swagged out as the song it represents. Check it out below.

The video is a product of Most High Films. The theme is pretty transparent. It’s essentially just a showing of D’Alexander spending the day immersing himself in his beautiful hometown. He spends a portion of the video in a desolate area with heavily graffiti laced structures. The artwork is amazing and ranges from simple images like sharks to pop culture themes like Pulp Fiction, to completely original abstract works. The other portion of the flick is spent in the scenic and trendy Miami Beach region. Here D’Alexander is shown doing his thing amongst: pretty women, various shops, eateries, and more. The viewer gets a good feel for the daily hustle & bustle of the city. The differences between the two settings makes for a clever exhibit. The project finalizes with a shot of D’Alexander returning to his whip and then transitions into some advertising and credits. All in all, this was a bang-up offering.

**My Two Cents: This was a dope video. The locations were fitting, D’Alexander came with amazing energy, and the visuals had a nice clean look to them as a whole. It definitely served the single well. I especially enjoyed the different graffiti pieces. There are some brilliant artistic minds in Florida. The diversity of the locales was a slick touch too. I particularly liked how D’Alexander switched up his demeanor to fit the varying surroundings. Not sure if it was intentional or not but it stood out for sure and gave the video that extra something special. If readers enjoyed the flick too, The Great EP is dropping soon. So be sure to keep an eye out for it. -MinM

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