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D’Alexander – “Tryna Get Mine”

by Miracle

tgm single art FACE rgb copy(Photo By Sound Cloud & D’Alexander)

“Tryna Get Mine” (preview)

D’Alexander is one of the many new talents on the rise in the South Florida music scene. He is preparing to release a new EP entitled The Great and decided to share his latest single from the project with the site. The single is named “Tryna Get Mine” and was jointly produced by HulyOnTheBeat and Hugo Diaz. Their efforts were not in vain. The beat is of a world-class quality. The rooted bass, discreet stylish background constituents, metrical tempo, and cavalier vibe make for a first-rate combination. The hook is superlative too. The delivery is palpable and the lyrics are sly. The verses are fierce. D’Alexander renders a savory flow, experienced wordplay, and gourmet rhymes. He does a choice job of bringing his own flavor to the popular screwed style that is utilized in a lot of Southern Rap music. A couple of lines worth repeating are: “Hearing all the b—hing these motherf—as solicit. Don’t they understand that nothing ever is given. Hustle time. I do more than muscle mine. I sacrifice my youth. All in exchange for the grind. Buddies I left behind. Kills me a bit inside. But I understood that I had to make a new stride in a different direction. I saw my dude in corrections. Trying to keep him straight and I told him to count his blessings.” D’Alexander snapped in those bars right there and kept it all the way real. One has to respect that. All in all, this offering is a smash.

**My Two Cents: D’Alexander is a serious force on the mic. He has a slick flow and his rhymes are fetching. I liked this track a lot. It grabbed me as soon as it started playing and I didn’t want it to end. It was exceptionally done. If this is an example of what’s coming from The Great, I can’t wait to hear the whole EP. After checking out the song, take some time to visit those links in the post too. Additionally, D’Alexander  can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. -MinM

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