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PHZ-Sicks F/ Alison Carney – “Lost & Found”

by Miracle

PHZ-Sicks Lost & Found Artwork(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Lost & Found” F/ Alison Carney (preview)

VA rapper PHZ-Sicks is already back at it with a new track. This one will not be featured on his upcoming project The Moment but the significance of it made it leak worthy. The song is dubbed “Lost & Found” and it contains a guest appearance from Electric Soul singer Alison Carney. It was produced by Stompboxx Music. The production turned out complimentary. It is composed of an instrument driven structure with a poised foundation, a mid-tempo gait, and an informal vibe. The hook is kosher. Alison delivers with sweet throaty vocals and heartfelt emotional lyrics. The verses drive the listener to stop and mull over some things. PHZ-Sicks exhibits a traditional flow, calculated wordplay, and informative rhymes. The bars serve as part of a conversational piece occurring between PHZ-Sicks and a female friend pertaining to the highs and lows of love. As the single was inspired by past ordeals and discussions that the rapper has had at one time or another with his female companions. A couple of lines worth retaining are: “I know you been going through ya hardships. Fights with ya parents. And putting up with guys’ bulls–t. Hearing they nonsense about what love is. When truly they wouldn’t know the s–t if it hit them. How can they love you and they don’t love themselves? Cause when you first meet them, you meet someone else. Their representative, nothing definitive.” Some valid points are being made right there. As a whole, this was a wonted and endearing track.

**My Two Cents: I have a lot of respect for PHZ-Sicks for his intentions with this track. I think it will definitely fulfill it’s purpose by touching people dealing with love related issues and providing them with a noble outside perspective. However, it wasn’t his strongest work. It could have been taken up a notch lyrically and executed with a tad more finesse. Readers should still give it an ear though. Agree or disagree? Drop us a line in the comments section with your thoughts after spinning the record. We would love to hear from you! -MinM

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