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Scolla – “Peace”

by Miracle

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“Peace” (preview)

Scolla is a Hip-Hop/R&B artist who was born in Memphis but raised over in Detroit. He makes it a point to think outside of the norm and do the impossible. He draws influence from a wide range of muses including: friends/family, literature, and music. To date he has: approximately five solo projects under his belt, done countless collaborations, been featured on some of the most elite media publications in the Hip-Hop industry, performed at prominent shows/events, and much more. He’s not alone in his musical endeavors though. He is actively supported by as well as involved with two different camps, The RLES Society and Fab 5 Entertainment. They include a diverse collective of talents from all over the map. Though his career keeps him pretty occupied, Scolla also manages to find time to give back to the city of Detroit. He engages in all types of community based ventures such as: volunteering at food banks, organizing drug awareness programs, and working with the youth. So he is truly the epitome of a well-rounded individual. Those interested can learn more about him via his Facebook Page.

At the moment, he is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming project OG Cool. He sent over a taste of what fans can expect from the pending album by way of his latest single “Peace.” The production here is favorable. The uniform foundation, soulful components, groovy tempo, and authentic vibe work ideally together. The hook is official too. The vocals are pacifying and the lyrics are relatable. The verses are novel. Scolla brings the perfect blend of melody and bars as he opens up to the listener about his desire for a more harmonious life. His vocals are refined and his rhymes are adequate. A couple of lines worth mentioning are: “I bend, I kneel, I pray. I shoot at my f–king demons. Keep hate up off my radar. Keep love up as my defense. I smoke my L everyday. I love my woman long. Intimate art that we make. She’s like my favorite song, song, song. Run it back for me DJ. I know you hate requests but just this track for me DJ. Let’s keep shit real and don’t blow my chill. Cuz there ain’t nothing like getting humped on hump day, ya figgadeal?” Sly way to launch the track right there. Overall, this song is a smash and a commendable introduction to Scolla on the solo tip.

**My Two Cents: The site first got wind of Scolla when he still had the word young as part of his moniker. He made a guest appearance on a single with VA rapper PHZ-Sicks. He left a good impression then too. He has a distinct tone to his sound and a very real genuine essence to his lyrics. “Peace” is a fly single. Everything about it from beginning to end has a massive appeal. The beat is wonderfully done and the concept of striving for serenity is something that everyone has experienced in their life. Readers should spin this one for sure. I definitely hope to hear more from Mr. Scolla in the future. -MinM

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