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Jay Verze – “Juicin”

by Miracle

Jay Verze - Juicin' (Cover Art)(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Juicin” (listen/download)

Jay Verze is an artist coming to the site all the way from Baltimore County. He grew up surrounded by music in all dimensions and was quick to fall in love with the art form. He was met with a hurdle or two as he embarked on his musical endeavors, however he refused to accept failure as his fate. Instead he worked tirelessly to shape and mold his craft until he got better. Last year he felt ready to share his talent with the world and released his debut project 21117 (TwoElevenSeventeen). His never give up attitude paid off. The mixtape received rave reviews to date as well as helped him to establish a buzz and a fan base. Looking to capitalize on his success; Jay is getting ready to release his sophomore effort, Life Through My Dark Shades. The project is slated to drop sometime this Winter. It’s the next step of many on Jay’s continuous journey to perfect his skills and help keep the art and culture that he values alive.

The work’s lead single is titled “Juicin.” It hit the net last month along with a set of visuals. The song was produced by Johnny Juliano. The production turned out supremely. The hard knocking bass, hood savvy musical ingredients, mid-tempo pace, and gritty vibe are exquisitely matched. The hook is decent. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are apt. They do a fine job of  putting the song’s title into context. See as follows: “You a rookie to me. I got ya main chick and she cooking for me. A couple n—as round the city say they looking for me. Know where to find me. They ain’t trying. Cause they know who I be. Man I be juicing. You know I’m juicing. My n—as moving. Cause we do it. We keep it moving. Ya girl be choosing. I be juicing. You know I’m juicing. So come salute me. Cause I run it. You know I’m gunning. My n—as shooting. Cause I’m juicing.” Slick way to redefine the term right there. The verses are on point as well. Jay brings a signature flow, sly wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He expands a bit further on the concept of “juicing” that was established in the hook. All in all, this is a prime selection to help build anticipation for the upcoming tape. On another note, the video for the song can be seen below. It was directed by Addy Play is a suave physical representation of the tune.

**My Two Cents: This was my first time getting to check out Jay Verze. I think he’s dope. He has his own individual style and his bars are pretty solid. “Juicin” is a catchy number. The production was great and the content really sticks with the listener. The video was clutch too. I especially liked the shots with the smoke effect in them and the party scenes. The ending was kind of boss as well. As a whole, this was a pleasing introduction to the Baltimore talent. -MinM


Ne$to November 11, 2013 - 8:53 pm

Dope Video Bruh!

Rockz November 12, 2013 - 8:27 am

Nice! =)


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