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Montrey Slayton – “Love Drug” (Video)

by Miracle

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“Love Drug” (preview)

Love At First Sight (listen/download)

Milwaukee’s favorite male R&B singer Montrey Slayton has been pushing his debut video for a while now. It’s for his hit single “Love Drug” off of his previous mixtape Love At First Sight. Since the song left such a good impression on The Illixer (peep the review here), decided to share the video with readers as well. Check out the Video Pro TV number after the break.

The video opens with a slightly smokey black & white cityscape scene. Next, the camera transitions to a shot of Montrey sitting on the edge of a bed in a hotel room with a female companion just visible in the background. At the same time, his cell phone comes into view and his wife happens to be calling (how scandalous, lol). He ignores the call of course and proceeds to interact with the other woman. The two go on to engage in a bit of mature suggestive activity. They follow up with round two in the bathroom as Montrey’s wifey makes a few more attempts to get him to answer her call to no avail. The flick concludes with a few ‘explicit content’ warnings and then comes full circle to the cityscape imagery from the beginning of the vision. Overall, this was a guilty pleasure type of piece.

**My Two Cents: This was a dope video. It represented the song well and kept the viewer’s attention. Also, I enjoyed the black & white color scheme as well as the indicative way the storyline played out. I think the ending could have been handled a little differently though. For example, a break away to some snazzy solo shots of Montrey and then returning to a glimpse of the shower steaming with clothes on the bathroom floor would have given off the same idea as the ‘explicit content’ screenshots. But pretty strong video debut all in all. For those who liked the song and or the video, more with Montrey can be found on both Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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