(Photo By Trevor Post)

Wyte Music Records group Thug Therapy took matters into their own hands this year for Halloween. They put together a nice little residential affair and invited some of their closest peeps. The homie Trevor Post (Music City Films) got it all on camera. Check out some of the footage below.

The video opens with popular vintage hit “Mr. Sandman” playing as the camera spans the party. Cool Horror movie fact is that, a few of the legendary Michael Myers films open with or feature that same song. For the duration of the flick, songs can be heard from Thug Therapy’s upcoming self-titled debut album. It should be noted that the album hits retailers on the 13th of this month. While the fellas are previewing the project, guests are shown: drinking, dancing, and just having a good time. Of course there are a few nods to All Hallows’ Eve as well. The footage ends with a promo shot of the cover art for the pending LP. Overall, this was a fun set of visuals.

**My Two Cents: The party looked like it was pretty live. There was a strong turn out and the decorations were decent. It would have been nice to see more people in costumes though. But it was a neat way to preview the album. Wishing Thug Therapy the best of luck with the release of their debut. And as always much love to Trevor Post for helping me bring a little bit of the South to the Mid-West! -MinM