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Philly Anderson – “No King Last 4Eva”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

 “No King Last 4Eva” (listen/download)

Producer/rapper Philly Anderson dropped another track not too long ago. It will not be on his upcoming album but it’s still a worthwhile offering. Philly once again played both producer and artist on this cut. The production here is good. It features a restful foundation, dawdling pace, and soulful background vocals. No hook is utilized. There is just a break while the vocals play. The verses are palatable. Philly serves up a quiet flow, solemn wordplay, and conscious style rhymes. He discusses his thoughts on living a royal life versus a normal one at length. He has some interesting views that are not quite what one would expect in regards to the subject matter. He states: “No king lasts forever. Legacy or not. If you gain more then that diamond on ya knot. Kings live humble then wealthy. I rather live healthy then watching the throne like who’s going to knife me. That’s the price you pay. And your soul is the paycheck. Payday cash in on ya chest.” Those are some thought provoking words right there. Overall, this song is fair.

**My Two Cents: This is another one of a kind number by Philly Anderson. I really enjoyed the nature of the production. I also liked the fact that Philly’s thoughts on being a king are totally different from the popular opinion. That was really the selling point of the song for me. Much love to Philly for sharing with the site. -MinM

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