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Sonick – “Truffle Butter” (Remix)

by Miracle

Truffle Butter(Photo By Sonick)

As mentioned a time or two before, one of the perks of being in the music website business is all of the exclusive listens that one receives from the artists that they build strong rapports with. Milwaukee artist Sonick happens to be one of those artists for The Illixer. Occasionally, he’ll send over a batch of goodies to check out and his most recent collective spawned another must share selection. The song that caught the site’s ear this go round is Sonick’s remix to the Nicki Minaj smash hit “Truffle Butter.” Thrilled by the site’s response to this ‘lost verse,’ he gave us the green light to unleash it on the public.

The original instrumental is left in tact which is fine because the beat is actually really dope. There is also no hook just like with the original. Which is another move that doesn’t really make or break the track. Sonick goes straight in for the kill for a little over a minute. He exercises a dedicated flow, nervy wordplay, and diligent rhymes. He mentions being on a roll at the start of the record and his extended verse definitely reflects that. A sprinkling of quote worthy lines include: “I said thinking out loud. All you n—as hating but disguise it with a smile. Envy in the air. You can feel it in the crowd. But f–k ’em I don’t pay ’em no attention any how. Real n—as, what’s up? Are you here right now, huh? I’m only talking to the real right now. To them n—as that be all about they biz. If a motherf–ka trip they gone handle that s–t right now, huh.” One can not deny the premium quality of those bars right there. As a whole, this is a grade A freestyle.

**My Two Cents: The original version of “Truffle Butter” is definitely overplayed and somewhat over-hyped if I’m to be completely honest. So I wasn’t exactly sure how to take a remix of the cut. However, Sonick makes sure that his verse can’t be ignored. He starts off with strong content and keeps that grip for the duration of the freestyle. His flow is in order too and his overall approach in general is just clever. I dig it a lot and am honored that he allowed me to share it with the music world. Readers need to click that play button asap. -MinM

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