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Bili Ro$e – “No Bullsh*t”

by Miracle

artworks-000116527701-bxqig3-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

It’s been about a year since readers were hipped to anything new from Mil-Town talent Bili Ro$e. So decided it would be an ideal time to share his latest offering, “No Bulls–t.” The single is slated to appear on a pending project dubbed Paradise Lost.

The production here is flawless. The clean bass line, stylish complimentary secondary components, fetching tempo, and suave vibe make for a five star compilation. The hook is top of the line too. The delivery is full of personality and the lyrics are super clutch. Lines like: “I don’t like you. That bulls–t you talking. Nah, nah, I don’t like you. Can keep that s–t walking. You in my path, you a target. No time for fake hard s–t. I’m egotistical, narcissistic, sick prick on this harsh s–t;” are bound to get embedded in the listener’s mind on repeat. The verses are favorable. Bili Ro$e laces the beat with a charismatic flow, sharp wordplay, and exceptional rhymes. He gives off a strong take no prisoners type of persona that goes well with the theme established in the hook. A few lines worth taking note of include: “I’m like can I talk my s–t? Ain’t got no love for these hoes. If we talking bout my circle, my circumference is closed. Most you n—as is hoes. You be so light in the a**. Won’t even fight. You probably might be taking pipe up the a**. Get ’em mad Ro$e. They say you a a**hole. Cause you be on they a** if they ain’t talking facts, yo.” The audaciousness within those bars right there is everything. All in all, this is a beasty selection.

**My Two Cents: Bili Ro$e goes all the way in on this track. I love every single aspect of it. The production is fire. The hook is attention grabbing. And the content is superb. Nothing bad to say about this one at all. If Bili keeps going at this rate a lot of people aren’t going to like him either (lol). But it would be so worth it. He snapped. Readers need to hit play on this track immediately. -MinM

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