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Maryann – “Lovesick”

by Miracle

lovesickcover(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Nothing like having that one affection themed track to bump while you’re out and about during the Summer. Well California singer/rapper Maryann serves up that very thing courtesy of one of her latest releases. It’s coined “Lovesick” and is produced by her partner in crime SBΛCΞ. The record is also slated to appear on her upcoming work Bedroomtrap’n, which may get to see the light of day sometime during this season of beautiful weather.

The production here is original. The conventional foundation, quirky upbeat musical details, cadenced rhythm, and nostalgic vibe work graciously together. The hook is pleasant. The vocals are uniform and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are relishable. Maryann provides soft charming harmonies with candied lyrics that illustrate the story of a potential love that is just slightly out of reach. An excerpt from the tale includes: “So do you got a girl or what? Cause I’ve been hearing things like, you don’t feel the same about her. You’ve been trying to leave now. I don’t wanna come between. But between me and you. I think we work better. I could show you if you let me.” The West Coast diva definitely knows how to lay it all out there. As a whole, this is a desirable selection.

**My Two Cents: This is a cute single and it’s yet another example of Maryann’s versatility. I enjoyed it and think readers will be more than happy to place this on their Summer playlists. On another note, the Bae God starlet has ventured into the realm of merchandising. She has a myriad of tanks on sale which is another ideal Summertime staple. And there are t-shirts as well as hoodies too. Those interested can peep the gear here. Press play, make a purchase, show support. -MinM

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