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Layla Khepri – “Incredible” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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“Incredible” (iTunes)

Back in April, readers were put on to the talents of a young lady by the name of Layla Khepri (ICHOR Music Group) via one of her freestyle efforts. Her team followed up with the site since that time and sent over another submission. This time around, it was for her single dubbed “Incredible.” The track is currently available on iTunes and it has a video component as well.

The production here is once again on the heavier side of things. The booming base, bold zany musical elements, unorthodox tempo, and wacky vibe are finely matched. The hook is interesting too. The delivery is kosher and the lyrics are unique. The verses are first-rate. Layla Khepri attacks the beat with a distinctive flow, creative wordplay, and consistent rhymes. She gives a fresh eclectic new meaning to the word ‘incredible.’ Overall, it’s a festive number worth checking out at least once.

The video is a product of Indigo Republic Films. It’s a great representation of the song as it carries the same atypical nature as the tune itself. It opens with a few solo shots of Layla chilling outside in various locations decked out in skull themed attire. As the flick progresses, the female spitter is shown rocking out / partying with a couple of bizarrely masked individuals. The most notable of which being a pig’s head. There is also: a stripper pole, card playing, and a hot tub. All the makings of a memorable night for sure. The piece wraps up with a wide shot of Miss Khepri and her incognito homies. As a whole, this is an intriguing watch.

**My Two Cents: This song / video are both quite different but I like them. I think it’s a strong example of what makes Layla Khepri so appealing. She gives off such awesome energy. Plus, she seems to have a blast in the video and truly be in her zone. It’s hard not to enjoy watching someone do what they love. I think readers will agree. So go ahead and click that play button. -MinM

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