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Son Em’ All – “Candles”

by Miracle

IMG_23805201311914(Photo By BLB Photography)

A few months back it was announced that The Illixer would be leaking some tracks off of upcoming projects from veteran Milwaukee emcee Son Em’ All. Readers already got a taste of his pending EP All-In with singles “Ambition” and “Lost In The Flow.” Now it’s time to sample his second tentative collective dubbed Hoodie Chronicles: Reloaded. The first leak off of that effort is a song entitled “Candles.”

The production here is organic. The played down foundation, implied supporting details, mild-mannered tempo, and nonpartisan vibe mesh appropriately together. The hook is tactfully crafted. The delivery is coherent and the lyrics are personable. The verses are absolute. Son Em’ All dispenses a stock flow, sensible wordplay, and full-bodied rhymes. He relays an assortment of subjective tales pertaining to various ordeals in life that he has dealt with as well as imparts a bit of wisdom onto the listener. Some prominent lines to be aware of are: “Life about lessons and choices. Direction and voices. Filtering the bulls–t, idiotic noises. Gleaning what you can from this land while you walk it. Two ears, one mouth, listen more than talking. Everything in due time will line up correctly. Had to play it wrong before I respected correcting. Now I stay in tune with my temple and my action. On the road to riches, calculating fractions.” There is some serious knowledge being passed on in those bars. Overall, this is a rewarding selection.

**My Two Cents: This was a neat mature track. The beat was very clean and relaxed. And the content was filling. Son Em’ All both entertained and enlightened with what he brought to the table on this one and that is always a good look. Readers will certainly not regret setting aside a couple of minutes to check this out. So go ahead and click that play button. For more with Son, give him a like on Facebook. I’m sitting on one more leak and a little birdy told me that Son might soon be sharing some collabs that he’s done with other artists too. So be sure to keep a lookout for all of the new material. -MinM

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