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Son Em’ All – “Lost In The Flow”

by Miracle

IMG_23805201311914(Photo By BLB Photography)

As previously mentioned, The Illixer was tapped to help 414 emcee Son Em’ All prepare fans for his upcoming projects. First up will be his All-In EP. The rundown on the album’s debut leak “Ambition” can be found here. The EP’s second leak is labeled “Lost In The Flow.” It should be noted that this version is not the mastered version of the track. But it is completed enough to tide fans over while finishing touches are being put on the EP.

The production here has a cool mellowness about it. The clean base, refined musical components, nonchalant rhythm, and neutral vibe result in a favorable combination. There is no hook employed on this selection. Instead there is a slight break that features minute background vocals. The verses are exemplary. Son Em’ All presents a down to earth flow, astute wordplay, and blue ribbon rhymes. He does an unprecedented job of engrossing the listener with his parlance. Take notice as he spits: “Lost in the flow. I ride the roads less traveled. Let you keep the bulls–t. My life is less tragic. Magic how I manifest the best with less gimmicks. Pray for longevity. Lord be my witness. Birth and found rhyming. Gave my mind a deeper outlet. Create replayable music that wasn’t out yet. Intent to be euphoric and floor you with deeper concepts. Invent and write a riff of some lyrics. Make your mind stretch.” The sophisticated set up of those bars right there makes for a classic opening. As a whole, this is a luxuriant offering.

**My Two Cents: This was a dope follow up release. I enjoyed the laid back nature of the beat coupled with Son Em’ All’s intricate approach to the content. This increased my desire to hear the rest of the All-In EP for sure and I can’t wait until it hits the net. Stay tuned for updates on the pending project as well as details and leaks from the second venture that Son has in store for his supporters. -MinM

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