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Music Quickies: DJ Trill Will – Count Up: Volume 1 (Mixtape)

by Miracle

Various_Artists_Count_Up_Vol_1-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

DJ Trill Will has been busy since the site last heard from him. He joined another DJ collective in the Hustle Squad DJs. He’s secured some gigs that will see him traveling to major cities such as Las Vegas and California throughout the Summer. And of course he’s released a new mixtape. It’s entitled Count Up: Volume 1 and it received over 1,000 plays it’s first day out on the web. That’s a pretty impressive debut. The tape contains a total of 26 tracks and is centered around the themes of hustling and getting money. Once again there is music from indie artists as well as mainstream ones. Cezar‘s hit controversial song “Questions” is The Illixer‘s personal favorite off of the project. But other highlights include: “”Comfrom” by Rocko, Jadakiss,& Problem and “Me OK” by Young Jeezy. To get a feel for the entire tape, readers can listen above or they can shoot on over to Dat Piff and give it a download. Also, be sure to hit up DJ Trill Will’s new Facebook Fan Page and hit him with a like. He just joined the book a couple of days ago and would surely appreciate the love. -MinM

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