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All For One: An Introduction To E.N.T. (Video Q&A)

by Miracle

ENT group photo(Photo By Real McCoy)

J.O. (E.N.T.) On Sound Cloud

The Milwaukee Hip-hop scene continues to grow and gain talented emcees from every corner of the city. And while many new cats emerge daily, for a while I felt so few could actually stand out or offer something different. That was until I had a chance to catch the new hometown collective E.N.T. in concert at the Hot Water/Wherehouse a few weeks ago. I chopped it up briefly with the whole crew after what was their debut performance and the energetic clique helped to alter my opinion a bit.

The group is composed of seven members: J.O., Georgia Boy (aka G.B.), Smoove, Truth, J.J., Skratch, and T3. Before they were a camp of rappers, they were close friends and students of Riverside High School. It wasn’t until after graduating that J.O. decided that the art of rhyming was his calling; the rest is soon to be history. Check out the short interview above, followed by performance footage from the night. And for more music from the group’s leader J.O., check out his SoundCloud page which is posted above as well. -Real McCoy

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