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DayNAge & Genesis Renji – “Changed”

by Miracle

artworks-000092367442-kbye0q-t500x500(Photo By House Of Renji)

Genesis Renji (The House Of Renji) graced the site with some new music a few days ago. It’s a collaboration he did with fellow artist DayNAge (Basement Underlying). The song is called “Changed” and it was produced by Jonathan Clark.

The production here is one of a kind. The fixed base, uncustomary supporting details, quirky background vocals, mesmerizing rhythm, and eccentric vibe fuse together desirably. The hook is unique as well. The delivery is colorful and the lyrics are ornate. It’s a great representation of the brain twisting nature of the track. It goes: “They say I done changed. I ain’t the same. I seem deranged. I’m lost in the fame. They calling my name. I ain’t hearing a thing. I might be insane. I might be insane to think I ain’t sane. Or maybe I’m sane for being insane. Or maybe I’ve changed.” Would not want to be the individual trying to sort all of that out in their head. The verses are original. Genesis Renji attacks the beat for the first half of the single and DayNAge knocks out the second half. Each artist comes with a patented flow, mind bending wordplay, and first-class rhymes. They demonstrate the magnitude of their talents via scattered thoughts and crazy verbal manipulation. An example from Genesis Renji includes: “White planet, white box. Black death, white God. Dreadlocks, white Christ. Red blood, white lie. White stars, blue sky. Blue sky, red stripe. Red stripes, red skies. Red skies, death cry.” One has to appreciate the powerful sentiment and creativeness of those lines right there. All in all, this is a brilliantly crafted record.

**My Two Cents: I really dig this track. The production is intriguing and the content is very different. Genesis Renji and DayNAge really stepped all the way outside the box on this one and they owned it. You have to play it back a few times to catch and appreciate everything but I think readers will enjoy it nonetheless. Props to the fellas for such a deviceful offering. Be sure to check out the artists further by visiting the provided links at the beginning of the post. -MinM

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