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Sinista New Breed – “Never Hold Me Back”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud.Com)

“Never Hold Me Back”

While the homie Sinista throws the best Hip-Hop events and is shaping up to be a beast behind the camera, he doesn’t want his supporters/fans to forget that he can rock a mic too. So he dropped some new music as a friendly reminder. The production here is excellent. It consists of: a quiet tone, some light elements, and a very calm vibe. The hook is exceptional. There is a pleasant hushed vulnerable tone to the delivery and the lyrics are simple yet moving. The verses are of premium quality.  Sinista brings a strong clean flow and flawless street lyrics. He does an impressive job of giving the listener a bit of insight into who he is. Standout lines include: “You say that you’re a beast. Well n—a meet the devil. Serial killer and I murder through your treble. (…) Twenty third still the spot where b–ch n—as get dropped. But this is who I am. And you could never take that. Cause no matter what you try to do, you can never hold me back.” Clever lines right there and quite the imposing description of the Southside emcee. Overall, this track is a banger. Everything is top of the line from the beat to the content. Sinista did his thing once again. Click that link and listen for yourselves though. And don’t forget to check out his directorial music video debut. He shot and edited the visuals for fellow emcee RockzSolid‘s joint “Pressure.” Watch it here.

**My Two Cents: I really enjoyed this track. It had a really appealing vibe and Sin spit some dope lyrics. And it’s always nice to see artists open up and share their more personal side with their fans. Stay tuned to the site. Sinista is working on more music, videos, and Sounds From The Othaground 4 is coming up very soon! I heard the line up is crazy, so The Illixer will for sure try to be in the building. -MinM

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