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Amerikas Addiction – “Sometimes” (Poem)

by Miracle

(Photo By Clip Art)

Milwaukee Hip-Hop duo Amerikas Addiction are known for their edgy music and buzz worthy events. However, anyone who follows the duo on Facebook knows that they are also all about showing love to the ladies. They share pictures of their favorite female “addicts,” post special quotes and words of encouragement, and apparently write poetry. Who knew the guys had a soft side? They shared a poem earlier today about the little things that a female occasionally desires. It’s short, simple, and dead on. Take a glance below.

“Sometimes” (Dedicated To All Women)

(Poem By Amerikas Addiction)

Sometimes she just wants to be loved, touched, hugged and feel appreciated when she gives her all
Sometimes she just wants a friend or someone to catch her whenever she falls
Sometimes shes overprotective and a little crazy when you talk to other girls
She’s just passionate and overprotective when it comes to what’s hers
Sometimes she cries because she feels like she’s all alone
All she really wants is a nice text or a voice-mail from you on her phone
Loyal, caring and understanding is exactly what they are
A world without women are like roads without cars (empty)


**My Two Cents: I thought this poem was super sweet. It’s nice to know that there are some men out there who understand a bit about what women want. Also, I heart the fact that Amerikas Addiction has so much respect and admiration for their female fans. It’s refreshing and a smart career move. If women support something, men usually follow suit. Think about it! Shout out to J The Truth and Ebonix for allowing me to share their work! -MinM

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