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Signif – “Vandal” (Directed By Darren Alexander Cole)

by Miracle

Milwaukee/New York femcee Signif has graced fans with a new visual from her Embracing Rejection LP. She hooked up with Darren Alexander Cole and together they created a very unique and dope piece for her track “Vandal.” “Vandal” was produced by Taylee. Check it out below …

This video is on the shorter side and doesn’t feature a set plot or storyline. However, it’s still attention getting with a dark theme and Sig’s lively antics. Also, there is a lot of black paint and baseball bat action. Random but it’s something different and Signif is entertaining to watch. Overall, definitely think readers should give it a glance or two. For more off of Embracing Rejection, check it out on BandCamp here. And be sure to reach out to Signif via Twitter or on her website.

**My Two Cents: I LOVED this video! It was very unique and provided great imagery for the song. Sig and Darren did an excellent job of putting this one together. Thoughts? Drop a line in the comments section and share. -MinM

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