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Signif – “Afternoon Jazz” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Signif)

Femcee Signif has been a little on the quiet end lately. Her latest effort Embracing Rejection was well received by both fans and media alike. She has dubbed it a success and has moved on to begin the planning stages for her next project. She will once again be working with producer Gee Wiz and has labeled the album Significant Wizdom II. There is not a set release date for the LP at the moment. So Signif decided to bless fans with an unreleased video based on a  throwback single titled ‘Afternoon Jazz.” Discover what visuals she’s been hiding below.



This single is from Signif’s first full length LP, The Transition. The video was directed by Darren Cole. It features Sig spitting her favorite portion of the track for viewers. The part she chose is the last verse on the song. She rhymes why chilling on a set of stairs with a clever sign on the side of her that reads “will rap for food.” Additionally, the lyrics to the selected verse pop up on the screen. They are done in a variety of different: fonts, colors, sizes, etc. The piece ends with Signif collecting her sign and walking off into the night. All in all, this was a fresh number. Signif is a very animated performer, so she is always interesting to watch. And the song itself is one of the best on The Transition.

**My Two Cents: I liked this video. It was short and simple but I think the set up gave the viewer a chance to appreciate Signif and her rhymes. And I love that sign. Definitely looking forward to the new project. Catch Signif via her: Website, BandCamp, Facebook, and YouTube. -MinM

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