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Armonie Man – Dreaming: Volume 6 (Album Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Armonie Man)

Dreaming: Volume 6 (iTunes)

Armonie Man is a blossoming rapper here in Milwaukee who is originally from Chicago, IL. He is the number one Milwaukee artist on Reverb Nation and he has a healthy following. He even has ringtones and his own mobile application. That’s a good look. Armonie stays out and about making sure people are aware of who he is and pushing his music. Currently, he is promoting a project titled Dreaming: Volume 6. The 18 track LP includes interesting guest appearances from artists such as Slim of 112 and a few others. There is even a poem in the mix. The album has gotten some pretty high praise from Armonie’s fans. So lets dig into a few tracks and see what Dreaming: Volume 6 is all about.

“Arm & Hammer”

The production here is of high quality.  It is composed of a low bass, a few light sound effects, and a serious street vibe. The hook is sufficient. The delivery is crisp and easy to understand. The lyrics are okay but could have been a little more creative. The verses are good. Armonie Man brings a polished consistent flow with fair wordplay and strong rhymes. He establishes a very suave yet hood like persona through his words. Standout lines include: “Going hard, overtime. Blue Magic flow, I got the dopest lines. Balling hard, on the grind. The definition of a prism cause I’m gonna shine. Real n—as, yeah we pop them bottles. When it’s show time, I’m talking bout Apollo. Whole lot of swag. Whole lot of models. And if them n—as want the drama, then we got them hollows.” Very savvy lines right there from Armonie. Overall, this track is fly. Definitely one for all of the real hustlers out there.

“Smoking On Haze” F/ Adonis

The production here is nice. It features a much brighter tone than the previous track. There is a gentle piano rift, mid-tempo pace, and free spirited vibe at work. The hook is on point. The delivery is rhythmical and the lyrics are extra catchy. The verses are great. Armonie serves up the first and last verses while Adonis handles the second. Both rappers contribute charming flows, skilled wordplay, and top notch rhymes. The duo do an excellent job of showing off their individual styles while at the same time holding it down for their favorite hobby and fellow smokers. Peep Armonie as he spits: “Came off of a Pac and that space age pimping. Still getting money like I said a n—a would. Still on the grind representing for my hood. Get it understood if you don’t understand it. I’m rolling up the loud. I’m higher then a planet. I keep some Jacksons on me and I ain’t talking Janet. I turn them into Franklins and they will never vanish.” Smooth work going on in those lines. In the end, this track is a hit and a favorite off of the album.

“Go Slow” F/ Slim

The production here is solid. It contains a quiet tone, light snapping sound, and a relaxed sensual vibe. The hook is decent. The vocals are adequate. The harmony didn’t seem quite right for the beat. The lyrics are modest but could have been just a little more exciting. The verses are fine. Armonie has a clean cut flow with satisfactory rhymes. He does an enticing job of filling the listener in on his desires and plans for a special lady. He used sharp details to help create memorable images with his words. All in all, this song is worth a listen or two. Not the best track on the album. But it would work out alright for something like mood music.

“Why The Good Die Young”

The production here is choice. It’s instrument driven, coupled with a slow tempo, and it has a somber vibe. The hook is winning too. The delivery is easy going. The lyrics are real and meaningful. The verses are up to par. Armonie has a hushed flow and telling rhymes. He opens up about loved ones lost and sheds a little light on his own personal life as well. Check it as he speaks candidly from his heart: “We living in a world full of trouble. A world full of schemes. A world full of hustles. A world full of dreams. A world full of struggles. Got a daughter of my own. Baby girl daddy love you. I don’t want to go before she grow. But when times get hard, just know I still got a heart full of hope. There is times I feel lost. Don’t know where to go. And all I ask is watch over me. Show me the ropes.” Those are some honest and moving lines. Overall, this song is another hit and favorite.

**My Two Cents: I really like Armonie Man’s style. He has a very refined element about him. Dreaming: Volume 6 as a whole is a favorable offering. The production is superb and the content is respectable. It’s probably better suited for listeners of street style Hip-Hop but there are a few tracks that anyone would be able to appreciate. Readers can preview the album in it’s entirety via iTunes at the above provided link. If they like it, please purchase and tell a friend or two. Armonie Man can be found on his personal website and on Facebook. -MinM

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