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Sean Smart & Cofax – “Shaken/Stirred” [Grieves Remix] (Video)

by Miracle

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Sean Smart is a co-owner and member of the infamous Higher Education Records company. He’s got a down to earth persona and is seemingly all about enjoying life. He’s kinda nice on the mic too. Plus, he happens to be pretty sick with graphics and website design. He gave the HER site it’s awesome new look. At the moment, he is getting everyone fired up for his upcoming mixtape, Stupid/Smart. He recently released the second single/video from the project called “Shaken/Stirred.” It includes a guest appearance from fellow artist Cofax and was produced by the one and only Moses of course. Additionally, it entails sampling from “On The Rocks” by Grieves. It is a jamming party anthem set to flawless production with top notch content from both artists. See what occurred when they got together to shoot the video below.

This video was shot, directed, and edited by LowDrag Productions. The concept for the flick is pretty apparent. It centers around Cofax, Sean Smart, and the various escapades that they get into. They indulge in everything from simply lounging around with their peeps to shopping for beer to full blown partying. The daytime and outdoor activities took place right here in the Mil-town. The party fittingly took place in Madison. The element that takes it all to the next level is the way the scenes are displayed. The screen is split into several squares where the images change frequently, keeping the viewer on their toes aesthetically. This was a very innovative technique. The video closes out with one last shot of the fellas kicking back and then transitions to the end credits. As a whole, this was a good-natured entertaining watch.

**My Two Cents: This was a really fun song and video. I think Sean Smart has a great presence about him with a distinct flow and a skilled pen. Cofax did his thing as well. And Moses never drops the ball on the production tip. The video was a winner too. It was very creatively put together and a valid representation of the single. Readers should take a minute to give it a glance for sure. -MinM

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