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News: Brooklyn Rapper Neno Best Goes Down In Major NYC Gun Bust

by Miracle

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Rappers have really been crippling themselves lately by saying and doing too much in their music, videos, social media sites, etc. The latest artist to get himself in trouble is Brooklyn spitter Neno Best. Best allegedly did a bit of bragging via photos on his Instagram account of an unusually large amount of money and guns he and his crew had in their possession. Additionally, he released a video for a song of his that boasts about all of the guns he owns. All of his talk led to an investigation which resulted in Best being indicted along with 18 other individuals. The NYPD had been working on a year long effort to bring down a multi-state gun trafficking ring and Best unknowingly provided them with just the right amount of ammunition (no pun intended) they needed to make it happen. They acquired their intel through wiretaps and undercover work.

Best and the other indicted individuals are being brought up on 552 counts including: conspiracy, criminal sale of a firearm, and criminal possession of a weapon. The case focuses on over 200 illegal guns that were confiscated by police that are estimated to be worth over $160,000. The case is being dubbed the biggest gun bust in the history of New York City. The leaders of the collective are said to be Walter Walker and Earl Campbell. They were working separately. Best specifically is accused of allowing his Brooklyn studio to be used as one of the operations where gun sales took place. An undercover source says the studio was the scene where Walker himself made sales on at least 11 different occasions. The firearms were said to be laid out in clear view in the studio. Additionally, Best is said to have played a key role in the largest sale of this year. Back in February, 14 guns were supposedly sold out of his studio for almost $10,000.

The studio sales are not the only part of the case though. The situation also includes smuggling rings that ran through North & South Carolina. Walker and Campbell supposedly transported 14 weapons per run from the Southern states back to New York via the Chinatown bus lines. The three states were the take down sites for 16 of the 19 people who got taken into custody, which included Walker’s and Campbell’s suppliers. The other three were already being held by authorities for charges not related to the bust. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is very proud of the bust and says that he hopes that NY residents appreciate the significance of the bust to their well being and safety. Best is only facing one count of conspiracy. If found guilty, he faces up to four years in prison. Check out a couple of photos from the confiscation below.

guns20n6webguns20n7web(Photos By ThisIs50.Com)

**My Two Cents: I really hope these rappers start to get a clue soon. This is not a good look for Best at all. Even if he is only facing four years, the other involved parties have got to be beyond pissed at him for being the source that brought attention to their operation which ultimately led to their downfall. He is going to have to watch his back for a long time to come. Everything is not meant for music, videos, and social media. Some things are best kept on the low. -MinM

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