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Rich P – “Open Up” (Snippet)

by Miracle

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“Open Up” (preview)

Milwaukee’s most debonair emcee is finally back on the scene. Purple Label’s Rich P is gearing up to drop some new tunes later in the year. To get people interested, he is circulating a snippet dubbed, “Open Up.” The full song will be on the new project, Moon Rising: The Richtape Volume 2. It also features Purple Label Presidents: Dri Cardan, PD Manns,  and AG Da Gift. The production here is sleek. It entails a savvy bass, mid-tempo pace, dramatic secondary ingredients, and a harsh vibe. As this is just a brief clip, there is no hook. Additionally, Rich’s verse is the only full one present. But it’s all good because it’s a crisp set of bars. Rich executes a lively flow, sustainable wordplay, and authoritative rhymes. He drops some knowledge on dealing with certain aspects of the music game while at the same time speaking on his motivation and plans for a better future. He spits: “I head ’em say they overlook him cause they know he nice. And don’t expect ’em to understand half of the s–t you write. And also understand this don’t happen overnight. Bright days ahead. So I rise through these dark nights.” Just a couple of lines but there is a lot of truth being laid out by Rich right there, especially in that ending. Overall, this snippet gets two thumbs up. Definitely creates a desire to hear the full record.

**My Two Cents: I’ve been a fan of Rich and his music for a little while now. And this snippet is no different. The beat is super nice and I love what Rich brought to the table. He definitely gives the listener some things to really take in and think about. That is one of the best elements about his music. Rich P encourages those who want to keep up with him to head on over to YouTube and subscribe to his channel. -MinM

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