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Esohel – “Blocka” (Remake)

by Miracle

Blocka_zps0ed7a921(Photo By So Elevated)

“Blocka” (Remake) (listen/download)

Esohel is an artist repping for the Chi. He fell in love with Hip-Hop at an early age via the infamous video channel, The Box. The channel resulted in him being influenced by artists such as: Busta Rhymes, Nas, Crucial Conflict, and a few others. Artists like Nas showed him the substance part of the art form and artists like Busta showed him how to be unique in his approach.  He took what he learned and has gone on to: build up a healthy catalog, open up for mainstream acts, receive co-signs from reputable deejays, etc. At the moment, he is operating under SRNC Music Management Group and gearing up to release a new mixtape this season labeled, Nacho Usual. The tape will be a concept project. The chosen concept is remakes.

Esohel has put a couple of the remakes in rotation on the net. One of the remixes is, “Blocka” by Pusha T. The track was produced by Young Chop. The production here is likeable. For those who haven’t heard the original single, the beat contains reserved unhurried components that come together and give off a rugged hood vibe. The original hook is also used and it features unique Jamaican style vocals with simple lyrics. However, Esohel added his own flair to the hook too. It was a nice addition. He has an engaging delivery and appealing lyrics. The verses are commendable. Esohel brings a graceful flow, effective wordplay, and sly rhymes. He gives the listener the rundown of how he hustles and his stance in the music game. A handful of noticeable lines include: “Welcome to Chicago. Take a look at my world. West-side to El Lago. Got one, lit the next pearl. Music on my blocka. Cause I spread that product. Now them systems knocking. Call that build and conquer.” Very stylish bars right there. Overall, this was a superior remake.

**My Two Cents: This was my first taste of Esohel and how he gets down. I must say, I’m not mad at all. The Chi-town emcee handled his business for sure. I think Pusha T would be all for this remix. To find out what else Esohel has to offer, readers can visit his website. -MinM

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