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Rich P – “Big Trouble”

by Miracle

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“Big Trouble” (preview)

One of the site’s faves, Rich P has offered up another new track for his supporters’ listening pleasure. The single has been dubbed, “Big Trouble” and it was produced by Rich himself. He did an honorable job. The beat is made up of nonchalant ingredients, an intermediate cadence, and a breezy old school Hip-Hop type of vibe. The hook is proficient. The delivery is spotless and the lyrics are forward. The verses are balanced. Rich contributes his token flow, pointed wordplay, and absorbing rhymes. He lets the listener in on his mindset as it pertains to the more competitive aspect of the Hip-Hop game. He doesn’t seem to too concerned about it. In fact he comes off as very self-assured. He states: “And ain’t nobody blew up yet. So what’s the fuss about. Treat my units like ya b–ch. Get ’em in, rush ’em out. Yeah I got what you need. Real Rap in a drought. When you’re out to succeed, n—as want to compete. But my attention is elsewhere and that’s saying the least. What these n—as say don’t affect me in the least.” Great pen work as always from Rich. Overall, this is another consummate record.

**My Two Cents: I was really feeling this cut. The beat is very magnetic and I like the more outspoken side of Rich P. He did his thing on this, can’t wait to hear what’s next. To stay up to date with Rich and not miss future releases, like his page on Facebook. -MinM

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