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Kia Rap Princess – “U.O.E.N.O Remix” (Song & Video)

by Miracle


(Photo By Carter)

“U.O.E.N.O Remix” (listen/download)

Now that the controversy surrounding the song “U.O.E.N.O” (performed by Rocko, Future, & Rick Ross) has calmed down a bit, it is making it’s way to everybody’s remix list. So of course one of the Mil-Town’s finest spitters had to be one of the first to recreate the track. Fresh off of a trip to Atlanta, Kia Rap Princess (Blaqlizt Entertainment) added her flavor to the cut about a week ago.

She maintained the original beat while switching things up for the hook and a verse. She fit into the track well with her one of a kind affable style and extraordinary rhymes. The hook could have been a tad bit stronger though. A couple of lines worth highlighting include: “I know you lame a** n—as wanna see me flop. But you’ll probably see the Lord before you see me stop. If it ain’t about progression please back it up. Cause them commas on the check what be attracting us. And we getting to the money and it’s stacking up. I’m in the club with ya main and she back it up. Yeah the spotlight on me right from the door. They hear my song and they get right on the floor.” Adroit bars being bars being served up by the Princess right there. All in all, this was a legit remix.

Kia took to the remake so much so that she decided to drop a video for it too. She hooked up with Mad Dope Visuals to create the flick. The concept is pretty clear cut. It basically just features Kia posted up at a local convenience store. She vibes out with her collective of polished mannerisms and just kills her performance. The video is garnished with: a split screen, peculiar movements, and zesty colors. The video terminates with promotion for Kia’s current effort, I Am Kia Rap Princess. As a whole, this was a just rendition.

**My Two Cents: I don’t care much for the original version of this song as I’m not a fan of Rocko, Future, or Rick Ross. However, I feel Kia gave it some new energy. Her lyrical content was precise and the video was very appropriate. So two thumbs up to the royal one for handling her business. Stay tuned to the site for an in-depth look at I Am Kia Rap Princess. And be sure to check Kia out further via her: website, Facebook, and Twitter. -MinM

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