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Cezar F/ Real McCoy – “Money Trees Remix”

by Miracle

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 “Money Trees Remix” (listen/download)

Looks like the Blaqlizt Entertainment camp has remix fever. This remix comes from the newest member, Cezar. He got together with fellow rapper Real McCoy and the duo took on “Money Trees” by Kendrick Lamar. The fellas stayed pretty true to the original beat and did away with the hook all together. Which worked out well as the hand off between verses went down without a hitch. Plus, the verses turned out fitly. Cezar takes it to the mic first and Real McCoy follows afterwards. Each artist came with an original flow, ripe wordplay, and gritty rhymes. The two convey well developed thoughts as it pertains to struggles they face in life and how they manage to cope. Cezar hustles: “I come from a lower class. So I bust my a**. Up and down the block, I be serving bags. Understand ain’t a chance in my land. So this ratchet in my hand case a n—a think he bad, yeah. Public housing hear that thumper pounding. Where them police lay you down and the judge allow it.” Real on the other hand medicates: “So catch me faded cause the world done left me jaded. Coming down from uppers. Mood swings up and down like elevators. Staying elevated. Trying to drown the noises from the lack of paper. The root of evil I succumb to. Trying to stop those phrases.” Both provided A-1 bars in their respective lines. Overall, this was a fetching remake. Kendrick Lamar would be pleased.

**My Two Cents: This isn’t my favorite Kendrick track ever but I dig what Cezar and Real McCoy did with it. Their content was solid with intriguing subjects and they utilized the beat efficiently. They should feel good about this one. For those interested, Cezar can be found online via Facebook and Real McCoy is accessible via Twitter. -MinM

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