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Snow Tha Product F/ Trae Tha Truth – “On Now”

by Miracle

Snow-Tha-Product-ON.-NOW (Photo By SmokingSection.UpRoxx.Com)

 “On Now” F/ Trae Tha Truth (listen/download)

In the midst of the buzz surrounding her Alternative track “Cali Luv,” Snow Tha Product made the announcement that there was much more new music to come. The reason for this wonderful news is that she is getting ready to release a fresh project titled,  Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover. Today she “woke” the net up by unleashing a track with fellow Texas rapper Trae Tha Truth. Their single is called “On Now” and it was produced by Cardo. The production here is epic. It is comprised of a deep bass, melodic secondary elements, a creeping pulse, and a weighted vibe. The hook is bona fide. The delivery is of an ambidextrous nature. The lyrics are of a no-nonsense tone. The verses are infallible. Snow takes down the first verse and Trae brings the pain on the second verse. Both emcees demonstrate quick-tongue flows, coarse wordplay, and fiery rhymes. They convey prime examples of how REAL emcees destroy the mic, Texas style. A couple of undeniable lines from Snow are: “And I got that skin tone that they love to hate. Smoking & sipping that bubbly. And these haters still trying to bring me down so they bring me up when they conversate. Cause I live down South but I’m from the Bay. No visits b–ch. I’m a company. If you ain’t stick with me, you ain’t getting s–t when we finally break any f–king day. Cause this product all mines and I means it. My bars bout fire as the weed is. Any b–ch say she don’t want no beef. If she do then I’m finna make her vegan.” Snow assassinated those bars right there and that’s just the middle portion of her verse. All in all, this is a surefire hit for Snow & Trae.

**My Two Cents: This track is insane. Snow & Trae murdered their parts and I’m not even a fan of Trae’s but you can’t help but give him his props on this one. If this is any indication of what Snow is bringing on GNBM2, it has the potential to be the best project of her career thus far. I am beyond amped to hear more. Stay up on Snow Tha Product by visiting her newly revamped website. -MinM


Woke JBass May 21, 2013 - 5:14 pm

Snow wakin em up day by day she gonna blow up!!! #GetWoke

drew May 23, 2013 - 6:43 pm

This song go super hard!!! Cant wait for the mixtape.

Woketek May 27, 2013 - 6:09 pm

This is fire can’t wait for the mixtape


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